Lighting Architectural Models

Hi! I am new to Blender and I am learning to use Blender for Architectural modeling. I was wondering if Blender supported IES format and more important if you can use the the premodeled and predefined lamps by different lighting companies in Blender? Any information would be great. Thanks.


All supported formats are on the format tab in the render buttons(F10 key), IES does not appear there. Still, the list is still fairly robust. You can render with alternate engines to Blender’s internal engine, Yafray is installed with Blender and can be used from the F10 buttons on the render tab, just click on the word “Blender” located under the word “Render” and switch to Yafray instead. Other renderers such as POVRAY and Indigo need either a script or a plug-in, not sure which cuz I don’t use them. Not sure if Blender supports lamp import, but I highly doubt it.

the formats that Rambo baby mentioned are image formats. I think you are looking for object formats; the meshes and the like of physical things in the building. See the File->Import menu for the different formats of objects that can be imported. The lighting company may provide their light in AutoCad as a .ac file; you would import that using the .AC3D import script.

You will have to scale the model to fit your scene. Use the scale key after making it a blender mesh object.

Well IES is a physical description of photometric data (see LM63-02 standard at
Normally, lamp manufacturers are providing this kind of files, mostly, together with a (3D) representation of the lamp.
Commonly used software for light-calculations is Relux and Dialux (Google for it).
I know that 3DS Max has limited support for that kind of files (only light distribution).
To my knowledge, Blender nor Yafray are supporting these formats.

Hello, I use Blender only few months ago, but I don’t know is there any opportunity to import IES or LDT file to my scene? These files are standard photometric datafiles, most lighting calculator programs use this, and 3DS too.
Please Help me, thanks a lot !