Lighting artifacts...

Hi I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to lighting. But I have a slight problem. The first picture is a screengrab of what blender renders at frame 195. The second is a screengrab of what blender renders at frame 196.

The problem I’m experiencing is with the shadows on the right hand side of the book. For some unimaginable reason the shadow changes to a lighter color :confused:. When I render the animation, these shadows flicker on and off every couple of frames and looks really bad!!
I have checked for double face / artifacts and lighting, but I don’t seem to be able to find the problem. Can anyone help??

If you need the blend file give me a mail at akoorzen at kv3 dot co dot za

Thanks in advance!


Judging from the two pictures the pages seems to be moving which could be causing the shadows to shift. Try rendering it at a different angle to see if that is the case.

Thanks musk. I already tried that but it happens from all angles. It’s really weird but I’ve never come across this problem in blender. The thing is that it also happens with some other objects in the scene. Not just the book. There’s also a mug and the same thing happens with that. The camera also moves during the anim. It tilts to eventually face the book from the top. during that time when it moves, I get all these funny shadow effects which are unwanted

…and yes… the page is moving. it pages over to reveal what will eventually be a page with a movie on it… like the ones in harry potter (the photos)

It has to do with “Set Smooth.”

Try sub-surfing and then put loop cuts on it so the book won’t be round.

Or, you can set up a hemi-lamp and make the dark spots lighter.
Or, you can use AO.

Hmm… thanks henrymop I’ll give it a try…

Well mr.? Henrymop… You seem to have saved the day. The edgeloops did the job. Thanks a million. It does seem strange to me that the Set Smooth option would do this… I’ve really never had problems with it.

My lighting is very dark and at this stage it’s sufficient, but next time I’ll try the AO or hemi.

Hmmm… it seems I have run into another problem… The book pages do not seem to cast a shadow on the cover. Is there any way that this can be solved without using raytracing? I have to render an animation and raytracing will slow it down too much. Please see attached


…Somehow the book cover (near the centre of the book) is reflecting the light from the candle (spotlight) and not taking the pages into consideration. I need it to be in shadow as well…and it’s not the angle at which the light is… :frowning:

I found it… the hardness for specularity was way too low… I have yet again proven to be the ultimate NOOOBster!