Lighting behind a door am trying to get my lighting to spread through the gap in this door, like it’s spilling out of the room the door is opening from. Any suggestions on how to do this? I have attempted it already with a lamp (as the pic shows) and a spot light, which didn’t give me the results I wanted.

did you try moving the lamp around so it pores through the opening? Also you might tone the white by making it a colored lamp, maybe turn specularity off? Then it wont bounce the light and be softer?

I dont know…but please post when you have the answer.

I would like the door to cast shadows on the plane, but it looks like the plane is already set to receive shadows. How would I do this?

Where is your light? It looks like its too close to the plane. Did you try using a spotlight, but making it a rectangle instead of its default??

Thanks for the suggestion with the spotlight, it helped. I must have not adjusted and positioned it correctly the first time. I used a lamp near the door to get the effect of the light seeping through the gaps on the sides.

simple point light with rayshadow enabled:

You need a completed wall to block all the other light as well.

Notice Pseudonym 's image.