Lighting bleed problem


Hi forum!!
I have 1 problem with Lighting in 2.53. An error of light bleeding. Please look at the picture!

there is only one light green in the scene and is inside the hole block.

Did you see waht I`m talking about? that green dyed over the ball are wrong, because the light green is inside of the (in front view) block.
Please help me! I don’t know wath to do.

Thanks in advance!


test luz 253.blend (339 KB)

Just a guess, can you try adjusting the translucency on the material of the front block. Also check that it has a rear face and that the normals are correct.

Are they all on the same layer? I bet your front block is on a different layer

First of all, thank you very much, for quote this silly post :smiley:
Second, the translucency amount is 0, in material of the blocks (there are just 1 material for them all) So that is not the problem… And all the normals are correct, loking outside.
And there is the strange, I do not nknow wath else can be the problem… :frowning:
So, I’ll post mi .blend file so you can analyze. It is in the first post

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I downloaded your blend file. The file didn’t have the green lamp or the enclosing block but it wasn’t hard to recreate.

I found that the effect seems to depend on the size of the “Soft Size” value in the ray shadow settings for the lamp and the scale of the object casting the shadow. If I scaled the enclosing block up or decreased the “Soft Size” value the green lamps shadows were correct. I suspect that this may be how ray shadows are supposed to behave for performance reasons and this probably isn’t a bug.

Yeah! You are right, I forgot to save my file before uploading here… jajaja… I`m sorry!
And you are totally right :slight_smile: I’ve decreased the soft size value of the lamp and works perfectly well, just the way I expected.
So thank you very much!!