Lighting "bug"

hay everyone, so i made a sonic parody game test and it works perfectly.:smiley:
the only one problem i have is the lighting on the day to night concept is somewhat messed up.:frowning: i have a sun light object that rotates like it should, but here is the catch, when the sunlight hits from underneath, light from objects that are on the platform light up making it look unnatural, is there a way to fix this? and can i do it to certain objects? because i have a moon that needs to stay that way.

i have a blend file to see what i mean.
to speed up the sunlight rotation speed (and the spheres if you want to) click in the sun-lamp and the 2 spheres, click on the logic tabs and on the simple motions change the rotation on the y axis (which says 0.00 but its 0.001 or 2)



badnick2.blend (774 KB)

I’m thinking you can do this with two sun lamps on different layers. Rename the current sun lamp to “moonlamp” and move is (and the moon sphere) to layer 2. It will no longer illuminate the main objects of the scene. Make a duplicate of the moonlamp, and move it back to layer 1, renamed to “objectlamp”. I’m not sure whether you are doing this for Blender 2.49 or Blender 2.5, though you basically need to key the Energy of objectlamp so that it goes down during the time it is meant to be below ground.

I would suggest removing the four corner lamps and just rotating the sun lamp with an ipo so that it does not shine from under when the moon is up. The floor or “Cube.008” can be set to static in the physics also to help frame rate.