Lighting Challenge #1 using procedural textures.

Here is a render of Jeremy Birn Lighting Challenge project #1. It is not complete but I will not be able to work on it for a little while so I thought of posting the results so far. Beside, it is already good enough for the first purpose I had in mind. All textures are simple procedurals. I wanted to test the procedurals in Blender. There is only one area light and AO to light the scene.


the fruits are looking good
the orange is great which text did you use for this
is it from blender material repository?

i saw not long ago a very nice nodes texture for apple
did you use that one
that one looks great for apple almost naturel

the only thing that is off a little
is the table seems to be almost invisible

should be more visible + some reflections too i think !

the fruit should reflect a little too somewhere on the table depending on the angle of the light !

Hapyy blendering

Hey, this looks really good, good job :slight_smile:
The only thing that looks off is the apple texture, but it’s nice for a procedural… Are these unwrapped anyway?

And I recommend that, when you get to work on it again, to add SSS to the shaders, specially to the grapes.

The orange texture is super simple: Just an flat orange color for diffuse and specular and a tweak of Lambert and WardIso shader properties. That’s all. The texture comes from the fact that the orange geometry is quite dense and already displaced.

The bananas use flat colors too. I mised the target for the banana stems though.

The apple texture is a simple cloud texture using Improved Perlin basis with a depth of 4 and a high contrast color gradient.

The grape texture is a simple flat green color for both diffuse and specular using Oren-Nayar and WardIso shaders and SSS. Same for the cherries BTW but the shader properties are different.

The pear texture is a simple cloud texture using the Voronoi L1 basis with a depth of 1, scaled quite small and a little more refined color gradient shaped like a mountain.

The appricot texture is also a simple cloud texture using the Blender Original basis with a depth of 2 and scaled quite large.

The table is covered by a drape. I purposedly made it very dark blue for a nice color and tone contrast with the fruit plate. But it may be a little too dark though.

I wanted to add some occluders to produce a nicer lighting and composition but I will not have time untill a few weeks to do that.

Of course. the final render was gamma corrected.