Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway

The lighting chagellenge started just yesterday, this is the scene:

Dan Wade modeled this scene based on the concept work of Gary Tonge. The image above is Dan Wade’s rendering of his own scene. Now, thanks to Dan’s generosity, and with Gary’s permission, all of us can try lighting this evocative scene! Download the scene files here:

To post your images, please reply to this thread. This thread is for all lighting challenge #8 entries and feedback.

All shading and rendering techniques are fine, as long as the scene is lit in 3D. Any minor modeling tweaks you want to make to the scene are OK. This scene was built to be rendered from this camera angle; if rendered from other angles it might not appear as complete. After you’ve posted your own entries, please share how you did it and try to help other people with their projects.

Cgtalk original thread:

Maybe I’ll enter this one. :cool:

Yeah, might be fun to try… I’ve never done one of those… but I would have ideas.

That was fun! Thanks for the heads up.

All blender, blender internal with AO and shadow map spots. I want to call it ‘ho ho ho baby’ but maybe not.

Blender version of this scene: (save as…)