Lighting challenge from cgtalk

Hello everybody.
Saw the lightning challenge on cgtalk and I wanted to give it a try. Been working on the lightning and texturing for 3 hours or so. Modeled by Jeremy Birn.
Used the Blender Internal renderer. Raytracing for the windows. Everything else was lamps and spotlight with buffered shadows. Pure blender. Render time like 2 minutes in Full HD 1920*1080.


Not bad, the chimney could have benefited from a subtle outline.
Other than that it’s good.

Looks good to me :slight_smile: Nice piece of work.

Wow that’s really nice! Maybe a hint of the green lights on the close side wall? And I agree with Trak’ you need to pick out the architecture in the room a bit more.

Really good feel in this set up.

This looks very good. IMHO it looks better than the other mental ray renders. The other renders may look crisp and colorful, but they do look too CG-like, the lights look fake, and the tree looks artificial and too crisp for my taste.
Now, your piece really sets the mood. The night before the morning where when the presents are going to be opened. It has that paintey Polar Express quality.

My only suggestion would be to put a dim faded reflection of the tree in the window.

Nice job!

I like it!
And I agree with toontje, it stacks up better than the mental ray ones. Yours does indeed look very nice.

I have a new render and I think it’ll be final one. Will update it in the first post.

Did anyone notice how bad the ones in the cgtalk thread look. Not dissing their work but it looks like crap some of them. I’ll bet it took them 6 hour to render too.

wow, very nice!

lol yes i saw the ugly ass ones, is that why you think you have a chance?
I don’t blame you, i was gonna enter too.

New render is perfect, just how i wanted it, and i’m sure everyone agrees with me on that.
Good luck on the challenge.

No. Not at all. It’s just good to put out there a blender render and some new stuff in my gallery.

I was modeling a room myself to test lightning and textures but it didn’t go well. In other words - ugly as hell. This was finished model. Just add light and textures and voila :).

I will gloat here a little… indeed the other renders where under par. The trees look self illuminated. The lights too pronounced. Even the renderman one doesn’t cut the chase. And those render times!!
I have this question then (to anyone who can answer it):

  • Most of the other render engines are better than Blender internal, that is a fact imho.
    So why does Blender render it so much faster with better quality? Is it because the other engines has much more capabilities in that not using it to the full extent will leave you with a less than optimal render in a less than optimal time? Or does Blender do it’s scanline stuff in a radical different manner? Has it do with the render refactor (bucket rendering, threads, Reyes)?

I think that the lightning is bautifull. I hope you will win the challenge!!!

really nice lighting and mood, You encouraged me to enter the challenge as well :wink:

as Bigbad already said, he used buffered shadows for all the lights so all the painful raytracing was done in render preparation. Most of the other entries use raytracing for everything which can make a very realistic scene, but will also lengthen the render time a lot, because it has to calculate shadows pixel by pixel.
I wouldnt say Blender internal is faster than other renderers, it’s just how You use BI or any other renderer that really makes the difference.

  • Kroni

Alright. After some critique from Jeremy I did a new render. Now I added GI and it took like 40 minutes to render a 1800*1200. Added blur and color correction in photoshop.

Update on first post.

Looks good! Better then mine.
the image looks to blurred but you have a nice mood going with the light. How did you do the glow of the lights cause this is giving me the hardest time to get it right without using radiosity.
Although I think it looks weird that your windows are totally dark and relfective but you have a bright highlight coming from the moonlit window.
Good luck and keep up the good work.

Btw bashing the other entries is definitly not a very respectful thing to do and this goes for everyone on this thread!

I soft lightning is or the glow is made in photoshop. 2 layers. The original on the bottom and the other one is on top and is blured. Screen or overlay with 20% opacity.

One more thing. I had two layers of light for the christmas tree. Couldn’t get the tree shader to work.

Yes bashing others is wrong. I’m sorry. I just had a bad day. Not a christmas person.

I don’t like the last render. It looks too murky. The light above the treetop has too wide a radius. The render hasn’t enough contrast, and night scenes are very contrasty. I don’t see what difference the GI made. Is it because of the darkness the indirect illumination is too weak to be noticeable? I’d think you’d better off with some well placed bounce lights here and there to simulate GI where the tree lights and moon lights are. Maybe some of the packages should have those colored plastic wrapping so that they catch some extra light. Above the mantle is brighter than I would have expected.

Btw bashing the other entries is definitly not a very respectful thing to do and this goes for everyone on this thread!

There is a fine line here: all efforts are commendable of course, but if of the 10 Maya entries, 10 looks like a Nintendo 64 rendering what else could one think?

Well you could say the entries look like Nintendo 64 and the people don’t seem to know their tools. This is not bashing but giving criticism and stating your opinion :). Better would be of course to tell them what they can improve but even a negative opinion can give you a hint on what to improve.
It isn’t as easy as it seems to get a good lighted render especially with a scene with so many vertices. I know what I’m talking about cause I’m also participating in the challenge in order to improve my lightning skills which are almost none existen and a lot of people put a lot of effort in it which may just be beginnners who do not know better yet. :slight_smile: Remember next time it might be them judging you.
But enough with the morals and sorry for highjacking your thread bigbad. Btw toontje the challenge is open til 31st of January so how about having a take at it ?

I know what you mean musk. But being in a Blender forum it is sometimes kind of fun to poke at them, even though there are a lot of active Maya, XSI and Max users here too. But at that forum I won’t dare do be disrespectful and I would certainly be civilized about things.
I think I pass on this one. I downloaded the blendfile and stuff, I took a quick look at it. I’ve read both book of Jeremy Birn and I think you can set a beautiful light rig methodically.

I’m working on my own computer which is my trusty 900 Mhz Athlon 512 Mb. I’ve bought a new one last week which is a 3.8 Ghz Celeron (64-bit) 1 Gb ram. After I’m done setting everything up I’ll take a shot with the next challenge… Maybe it isn’t a bad idea also to look into Respower for this stuff.

And now I’ll be continuing the modeling thread I’m working on.

wooooowwww… very warm lighting. something sad about it though… :eek: