Lighting challenges at CGtalk

I would like you to know that there will be lighting challenges in Cgtalk.
I think that is a very interesting idea.

Very interesting indeed. Might be a great opportunity to improve my techniques. Luckily the deadline is still very flexible, since I don’t have much time at the moment.

Hey thanks for the link :slight_smile:

This is a nice learning opportunity. It’s also fun to compare notes how people do things in different 3D programs and to see their results.

A couple of Blenderheads posted some work in that thread already :wink:


Where’s the link to the scene?

UPDATE: They removed it to make some corrections.

Yeah, they’re supposedly going to fix that soon according to this post.


yea that would be a good idea to make that in the forum.

this would really help me. and i guess other people like me that are having trouble with lightning.

Here is my work, posted to cgtalk thread:
Rendered in bleder internal. Only procedural textures.

Great render grzybu. :smiley:
Looks like a paint!

The file with the scene is available again at the thread. :slight_smile:

that is a cool idea. i think something like this should be done here as well.
nothing to difficult to model yet difficult to render good.


Ok, the link to the model has been taken down but the OP, Dan Wade, says the model is available at 3dcafe. I looked there but don’t see the model. Does anyone have the name of the model or maybe even a link to a cached version?

Not that I’ll enter. jeez, they’re using Brazil, renderman. Those blender renders look pretty good though. :wink:

Here’s a link to the model.


Hey, thank you. I guess the reason the model isn’t at 3dcafe. : ) Apprecitate it.

my take on this (high key approach)

Very nicely done LukeP :slight_smile:

I really like what direction you and grzybu took this with the colors.

I had posted an image over at CGTalk and then updated it a day ago. I guess I can post that here too. I might do more with it. Here’s where I got after playing a few hours on and off with different materials and lighting setups:

(alternate direct image link)

Pure Blender render, no post work, all procedurals.

Vertex colors were also used. Scene consists of one area lamp, two omni lamps, and three negative lamps. Ambient occlusion was also used.

Fun stuff :slight_smile: I hope more people try it.


my entry: (larger image on cgtalk thread):

I got while making my lighting challenge entry and decided to make a camoflage fruit version, then it turned into this:
Click the link :wink:

There we go :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s another one I did today. In this one I was going more for of a soft focus/desaturated look. Pure Blender render (2.40). Softness was produced using Blender’s built in glow plugin.

For the softened/skewed coloration, aside from tweaking the colors and lighting again for this version, I used a colored transparent plane in front of the camera and set it to 100% Filter, which then affects colors of the entire scene.


(alternate direct image link)


I scratched together the fruit scene render and posted a link to it here on elysiun in WIP and over in the thread on CGtalk.

for the fun, a quick 2nd take, lower key and more classical lighting. same textures. No AO this time which lacks a bit.

i tend to prefer the first even if it is a bit flatter by design

I’m gonna have to get old school and post some scanline, renders in your lifetime stuff.