Lighting/compositing effeckt,

Hey guys, so i think this thread is both lighting and compositing,i have a scene,and i wanna do this effeckt here,like in the middle is normals lighting,and in the right edge below this slightely red and pourple effeckt?

thanks :),

ps: i attached 2 files,its from the game dying light, a screenshot :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the lens flare? Do a google search on Blender Lens Flare and you’ll get a lot of hits.

Steve S

hey nope, lens flair is easy i mean this can you see,in the upper right edge is the sun,and in the left edge below there isnt any light source,but this kinda pinkish effeckt is there,how can i do that?,thanks,

That actually is just another part of the lens flare. You can mimic it in Blender using the glare node set to “ghosts” mode. There’s plenty of other methods too, just google “blender lens flare”. There’s boatloads of tutorials on different methods.

Yup … “lens flare.” The bane of every pro photographer (who strives to eliminate it … along with the “cicada sound-effects” from every Western movie, where a close-up of the Star’s face is shown precisely at the Second Plot-Point …).

“Lens flare,” of course, is caused by (unwanted …) light striking the lens, thereby “absolutely ruining the shot” that the aforesaid lens was striving to take … but doing so in a way that audiences (somehow) still managed to “fall in love with.” (Perhaps because some harried film-editor said, “that’s the only version that we have! Print it and let’s move on!! It’s two o’clock in the morning!!”)

“Please,” (he said, feebly … like Don Quixote staring-down a windmill)don’t try to ‘replicate’ Lens Flare! Avoid it, at all costs! Get rid of it!!” “Bad dog! No biscuit!!”

Got to disagree with this (for the most part). Lens flair can be good or bad depending on how you use it.

Sure. I base that opinion mostly on working with a photo-editor at a magazine who was well-known to flip through a box of fims, tossing one after another onto the floor(!), muttering, “Flare.” Only shots with absolutely no lens-flare had a ghost of a chance of getting between the covers of that magazine.

You can instantly see the negative effects of flare. Not only does it “put the camera (and the photographer) into the picture,” but it also washes-out the entire shot. Yes, you can take a great outdoor shot, or shoot an outdoor scene, even pointing the camera in the general direction of El Sol, and come away with absolutely no flare.