Lighting Controls

I am looking for help with finding the lighting controls in 2.5. They are the ones that had 3 buttons to control lighting position and color on the selected object?? Sorry, I’ve been watching tutorials for 2.44 and they are obviously different, especially for a newb!! :smiley:



I am going to presume that you are trying to modify the real-time lighting for the solid shading mode. If that is the case, then go to the file menu, click user preferences, and go to the system tab. The last column on the right is where you can change these lights. (Note that the direction is defined by a three simple vector sliders, as opposed to the spheres that were previously used.)

Thank you!! I appreciate your help!! I apologize for me not being able to explain this or possibly follow directions. Yes, I am referring to the 3 sphere’s where you used to be able change the reflection color on the sphere or the lighting color in release 2.44.

Is this what you are talking about? I still can’t figure out how to change the lighting color and position like the old did. Is this the screen you’re talking about? Here’s a screen shot (link to screen shot). Am I missing something on my screen that should be there??

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Sorry!! I tried to embed and attach the screen shot, and failed miserably!!! I know, I suck!! Let me know if you were able to see the screen shot. Thanks!!


I was able to see it.

No, you are not seeing thing, for it is my mistake: I was using a make from (revision 25050).

Apparently development is going so fast that this had been changed in that short amount of time.

Sorry for my mistake.

No prob!! Thanks for at least taking a look!!!