Lighting Effects With Blender

Lets say I wanted to model a spot light with a realistic beam shining out of its lense. If I placed actual ‘blender’ spotlights to improvize for the light beam would anyone suggest that would be the professional way to do it:confused: I realize the colors must be chosen correctly and the power must be set correctly…yet i dont want to wait a few hours until i finally get the dam positionings right. Anywho I will gladly accept anyones procedure for taking the time to help me out. Thank You Kindly:)

Make the light so its pointing straigh up or down originally and then make a light from top or bottom view, then only location of lamp has to be adjusted to match, then parent the spotlight to the model and position and rotate the model where you want it.some halo to the light and halo steps at least one. hmm and up the spot light softness a bit, maybe, maybe some tests with that. Light shadows buff shadow.

Thank you, by the way i’m not making a spotlight, just a killer alien space station lol The things you can do with imagination…

Try using static particles.