Lighting Escher's Relativity


I’m working a 3D model of MC Escher’s Relativity

This is what I have so far:

But I have no idea how I would place my lamps, 'cause it’s pretty complex.
A lot of different direction of shadows, dark places, lighter places.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

  • Pret_Letter

Experiment… Put them where they’d be in each room locally, I guess.

You could try an ambient-oclusion-only lighting, it may suit this situation quite well. Delete all your lights and turn ambient occlusion to over 2 or 3.

You are progressing quite good, and it would be nice to play with your blend-file some day, hope you decide to publish it!

Put the camera in fly-mode and walk around and look at the model from the various view points.

I agree with Snifix, ambient occlusion would likely work the best in this situation with both add and subtract on. Its likely that any other type of lighting would tend to take away or dimish the surreal vertigo type feeling you get from looking at Eschers stuff. Looks good, I’m pretty sure I would get headache from trying to make it.