Lighting flicker


Hope everyone is doing great. I LOVE BLENDER. I have one thing in my animations that is holding me back from taking it to the next level. I have some weird flickering with my shadows. i would like to show what i am talking about. What is the best way to upload a short clip so you can see what i am talking about. is a great place. higher quality than uTube.


If you look at the roof in this short animation you will notice that the shadows flicker. I was wondering how to fix this. I think it is an important step to taking my animations to the next level.

it looks like you might have duplicate vertices causing 2 polygons or more to be in the same spot

try to remove doubles

also make sure the normals are all facing the right way
(recalculate normals)

failing that - press “set solid” see if it still flickers - it might be a smoothing problem

I think the flickering texture down the middle of the roof is a cloud texture problem

but the rest of it looks great :slight_smile:

the normals need to be right on the piece that is flickering right. all it is is a plane so i dont think it is smooth option. i am using ambient occlution if that helps

If it is a plane that is “set smooth” by accident - it will flicker (because it is trying to smooth a flat polygon)
check that you have it “set solid”

also I wasn’t sure if you checked the normals

in edit mode select all and press Ctrl+n

you can make the normal visible to help you

Are you using approximate or raytraced ambient occlusion? If you are using approximate ambient occlusion, then try lowering the error tolerance.

I’ve had similar problems in the past if I accidently duplicate an object but then forget to move it.
You get two objects in exactly the same place and it causes flickering
You could try moving the bit of the roof that flickers to see if there is another copy underneath it
then just delete one of them


Thank you everyone for responding. I am using approximate ambient occlusion and after doing some tests i think the issue was the error setting

if you post the solution it may help somebody looking for the same thing in the future :wink: