Lighting For A Short Narrative Film (Found lighting artist, thank you everyone!)

(Linda Vuorenvirta) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m an independent artist and animator, and I’m working on a short narrative film. I have most of the process in Blender finished - modelling, rigging, and animation (except for facial animation, which I’ll be experimenting with later). But what I realise time and again is that I’m just not very good at lighting 3D projects. So that’s where I’d like help.

The film is very short: only about 2,5 minutes long. Here is a link to the rough cut/animatic, made with OpenGL renders just to gauge timing/pacing. Obviously the visuals are only as good as you can expect from OpenGL renders.

EDIT: Here’s an unlisted YouTube upload of the animatic, hopefully this shows up.

The thing that’s a bit different is that I’m using semi-realistic shaders on the sets, and toon shaders on the characters. That’s actually kind of the combination that old hand-drawn 2D films used a lot of the time, so that’s where I got the inspiration. I’d like to maintain that 2D toon shader look with the characters here, but then go in by hand on the rendered frames and add outlines in spots like the contours of the face, etc. (I’ve done something like this technique before, but I lit that myself so the result was so-so).

Here are a couple of examples that I managed to light “well enough”, to show what I’m looking for. The character looks better in the second image that’s of her alone.

If you’re interested, please send a quote my way. Keep in mind that at the moment this project is self-funded (I’ll apply for funding, but of course there’s no way to know how that will go). Regardless, I really want to compensate as fairly as possible.

Thanks so much in advance!


(islara1) #2

use freestyle for edges black lines and the cartoon shader depends mainly on the texture itself, i’m character modeler, rigger and animator if you need something else than lighting or composition see my portfolio :

and youtube channel :


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Hi, as for me, so interesting when you see all the work in animation, that’s how I did it. If it is interesting, write in a personal.


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