Lighting Gone Bad.... Please Help!

Okay, first of all, I am using Blender Render, and B-version 2.73. :

So, today I have been trying to make a special image, and I noticed something… Funny… :spin:
I was working on another Cube and the image that would go on it, but I messed up so much that I was going to have to delete the entire cube and start over. I made a new Mesh Cube, and copied all the Transform Data (location, rotation, and scale), and then I was ready to restart modifying the image and material settings. Then I realized it… The lighting was off. If you see in the image below, the block on the left has a bit more… ‘Shadow,’ and the block on the right didn’t have it… The lighting is obviously an important aspect of the image, and I would be very great-full if someone gave me help or support.

-SHAZAM :wink:

The lamp type that I have set is a spot lamp. Please comment on the page if you have any ideas what would make the right block have a more ‘shady’ effect, or if you think there is some thing wrong with the lamp. Thanks! :yes::yes:

Object mode > select problem cube > toolbar panel > set shading as flat (should be two buttons saying smooth and flat).