lighting help needed

I want to make a light source visible. My question is how? for example I want to add the running lights to a spacecraft so they need to be very localised (that I can sort with how far the light spreads out) and it needs to be visible. I cant seem to figure it out. Each time I adda light I can see the effect it has on the surrounding area but the light itself doesnt show. What am I doing wrong?
Can anyone point me in the right direction for an exisiting tutorial? - or help me out with how to achieve it please?

A couple of things to try:

If you make a light a spotlight, in the “Shadow and Spot” panel you can press the Halo button, which renders the cone of the spotlight as Volumetric, so that you can see the cone of light itself.

Another option is to turn on “Halo” in the Render Pipeline (in the “Links and Pipeline” panel under the Material buttons. That makes the object render so that only it’s verticies are visible as glowing balls (for lack of a better description). There are a lot of settings in the Shaders buttons to control exactly how the halo renders.