Lighting help

Up till now ive just been using blender as a modeller. I would like to get into proper scenes but cannot understand the lighting at all, and ive used loads of 3d software.
All i want to do at the moment is add an ambient light (no such light?!?) to say 180,180,180 and a sunlight to 255,255,255.

Cant do it for the life of me.

The other thing i find confusing is the lines comming of the lightballs. They dont seem to reflect the lighting direction in shaded or textured mode.:confused:

“Ambient lighting” is in the World Material settings. Sun lamps just put out energy in that direction, from all points.

The working view really doesn’t show good lighting. Just do a test render.

That would be fine if i didnt have to keep doing ctrl+alt+0 every time to get the camera straight

Is there a way of rendering a viewport

Try Shift+P. (‘Preview Render’)

Ahha! Thanks for that