Lighting Help!!!

Ok im helping out my friend on Youtube and he wants me to create lighting like from the game Mirrors Edge!! So i thought “Ok, i will make a hallway and render and bake it to textures for the BGE.” So i did but it doesn’t look like theres shadows!! i have a like a cube on the wall and i have a light pointing down on it and all it does is create a light that doesn’t the really do shadows!! Please Help!! is there A way to make shadows in indirect lighting!! or is it just me!!

The world lighting does dim shadows and sometimes removes them. Turn off AO, Environment lighting and Indirect lighting. Use only the Sun with a dark shadow color.

Shadows inside of indirect lighting seems a little odd. Have you ever seen that? Try shining a flashlight into a shadow and watch what happens.

For fantasy lighting, I would suggest setting up two scenes that share the same objects. Then you can have two different world settings. One world scene will make the traditional shadows and the other will make the indirect lighting. Then you can mix them together in the compositor.

Great idea!!! Thanks Man!!