lighting - how to get this (see image)

hi, I’m quite new to blender but i do know how to use it. there is this cool lighting that ive been wondering how to do for a while. could someone please tell me how to make lighting like in the picture. thanks :slight_smile: . (click to see)

picture made my obiwan_C (

I would look in his thread for it. Click on the forums header to get it. Also, the iamge is using postpro.

Check the section on specular flare posted by “Purple” here:

Halo spot lights (volumetric lighting) have buffer shadows enabled to add volumetric shadows to the lights. Vertex colored light may be in use as well as procedural textures set to various blending modes to add highlights in certain areas such as the big tree in the background, though I can’t say for sure.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t even come close to anything remotely resembling that image. Obiwan’s clever use of lighting and texture reveals that he is a true Jedi Master.

ok, thanks