Lighting Improvements/Tools - When?

Hello guys, i think what blender lacks is better lighting options/tools and a complete material management rework but that’s for later.

For example:

C4D has an option to view through any object as if it was a camera so you can basically use one IPR window for preview from your actual camera and use some area light as a camera and super quickly setup your light without the hassle of using pivots, switching between rotate/move handles etc.

3ds Max has an “Highlight picker” feature which is similar to the one that’s available in HDR Light Studio, you click on your model and light hits that part based also on where you camera is which speeds up the workflow by alot.

Houdini is just absolutely insane:


For this it is a two step process:

First Select the light and then make it the camera.

Then “Lock Camera to View”

With two viewports you can render in one and adjust the light in the other, with these settings.

This sounds cool. I would like to see how this works.

Another feature or method is to set up a “track to” constraint. and use an empty to point the light or lights.



Thank you so much. This is really helpful. I was looking for all these answers, and got them in 1 post.

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Thanks, the first method seems like the same as in Maya/C4D, but for the second one idk, i tried to copy the steps and it does nothing also tracking an empty layer makes no sense, since the light has to track the normals of the cube in this case and automatically position itself so from camera view the highlight from the light is placed where you select. Another good method is simply place light somewhere away and place its pivot in the center of the object and simply rotate around but it can be bit tricky on more complex objects to hit nice highlight + takes more time obviously especially if the IPR is slow. Here’s an example:

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This was not a solution for that. It is just another technique to point the light. I don’t have a solution for this second thing.

The technique I was showing you is only for pointing a light or a camera without having to manipulate it directly. A basic camera rig essentially.

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