lighting in bge

I’m fairly new to blender but I’ve managed to create a decent model of my home city (harare zimbabwe) the problem I’m having is getting rid of that bland default cgi light and creating something more realistic,the changes I’m making in the lighting tab do not seem to take effect when I press p,please help.

Are you using GLSL mode or Multitexture mode? Lighting can vary widely just between those two modes. If the lighting tab (like ambient lighting, right?) isn’t making any changes, try using Light objects. If Light objects aren’t updating, then 1) try clicking / moving around the view to update the screen (I have to do this in GLSL mode), or 2) perhaps your graphics card is unable to perform advanced GLSL lighting.

Thanks joeman will try and see what happens,ps,know where I can get a big ready made decent skybox,the one I used is to small