Lighting in BGE

Hi There, I’m working on a fairly simple learning example, and running into problem.

Here’s what I have:

  1. A Hollow Cylinder, with a monkey head inside (Both with materials)
  2. The BGE logic blocks required to hide the cylinder when it is clicked on (Works fine)
  3. Exporting stand-alone run-time

Here’s what I’m stuck on:

  1. When I hide the hollow cylinder in blender while in game mode, the light updates and I see the monkey head fine
  2. When I hide the hollow cylinder in the stand-alone runtime, the light does not update, the monkey head is very dark (Obviously from the shadow that was cast by the cylinder when it was visible)

Here’s what I want:

  1. When I hide the cylinder, the monkey head should have it’s lighting updated so that it can be seen properly

My question:

  1. Can I just turn shadows off all-together?
  2. Do I need to go all the way to dynamic lighting to resolve this problem?