lighting in game is inverted on parented items

I have two mesh objects parented but one has inverted shading in the game i have no clue why, but when the two wasn’t parented the shading was fine. What do I do?

has all parenting in 2.49 gone mad? i have numerous problems with parenting objects since 2.49 released!
but anyway, make sure the invert option on your light materials isn’t enabled.

I actually got 2.48, and also I,m not sure were the invert button is in lighting materials.

Difficult to say without a blend.
Maybe the normals are insideout?

for starters, it’d be a good idea to download 2.49 and if that doesn’t fix it, then post the .blend

I fixed it. I just started over and parented two cubes and seen if it worked right, and it did. So i just rebuilt the two parts wile they were already parented. So its good now.
Thanks Anyway.