lighting in GE

So, i have a question. It seems to be that the game engine has a default light everything exactly the same. Is there a way to get rid of that? So if there are no lamps in the area its pitch black.
So basicly the only way to light anything is to have a lamp set up.
EX- Using a flashlight in a basement.

You can have a “default light” that has very low energy. You can set the energy in the lighting buttons to something like .05. That way the “default lighting” (which is in face no lighting at all) won’t affect it.

but there are NO lights. Why is everything still lit up?

everything is shadeless until a light is added.

once you add a light, that changes. if you WANT everything pitch black for some reason, make a light with the energy to 0 like Sambassador says

oh, got it. Im makin a halloween game, haunted house with spooks. So i have some lightin effects that dont work when there are other lights around.
Yep. I think i get it now. Thanks!
Oh, and if any of you know a good simple tut on moving around with mouse and keyboard / activating stuff (lights/doors)
(VERY basic) that would be cool too.

Make sure you’re in the right viewing mode (textured/wire/shaded/etc) and that have the correct drawing model set (multitexture/glsl/etc).


If you get the spot light or flash light working in your scenery, I would love to give it a look. I am having problems with the creation of a flash light or spot light to form on textured surfaces.