Lighting in the Game Engine

Why do my shadows flicker at the edges every time I move the camera in the BGE?

Is there a way I can stop this?

Can I get your blend file where this occurs, so that I can check this issue?

Sure. Here it is:

FPS Game 1.blend

Dude, I think you need this shadows right?

Those shadows were not visible because of the following reason:
The base plane on which the player was standing was behind the plane which was bigger than this plane, and the material on the bigger plane was set to nodes, but you havent used the principled bsdf node in a proper way I think, here is the blend file where both the groud planes can recieve shadows:

The mistake you were doing with the plane was that you were DIRECTLY connecting the principled node to the output, which will NOT give you shadows, instead, I connected the material node to the output socket and connected the principled node to the color of the material, if you do not understand, check out the blend files node editor, you will understand it.

If you use upbge 0.3 (based on blender 2.8/2.9), the shadows issue comes from soft shadows which are not supported in realtime. The option is available in render tab > shadows > soft if i remember correctly.

I think he is using UPBGE 2.5 or a lower version of UPBGE

No, the file is saved in 2.9 (you can open it with a text editor to see)

Oh, didnt saw that lol

Totally wrong, dude.

Read my OP again.

You seem to be answering a question that was never asked.

That corrected it. Thanks.