Lighting Inside An Object

So I have been working hard to create a scene that I am very proud of and how it is turning out. Then I had the idea of creating a glass bottle with something inside it (which would make my scene 100X better.) So I created the bottle and the thing to put in it. I got it all set up and i view it in the rendered preview mode. The object inside the bottle was very dark and it was hard to tell what it was. So I tried using my head and stuck a lamp inside the bottle. It worked some what but it was still VERY dark and hard to make out. I’m using cycles and normally i don’t use it so I’m kind of stuck. Is there any way i could make the object brighter so that it didn’t look like it was in a bark room, or make it so the light could pass through the glass bottle. Here is an example of what I mean:

You can see the top because of the lamp but nothing else. Sorry about the size/quality I was in a bit of a hurry and couldn’t render it in full detail.:o

What you want is probably tweak bottle glass material. While it would be correct that objects inside dirty and a bit darkened glass are hardly seen, you could try to use glossy and transparent node mix for bottle instead of glass. You do not say anything about materials used so it is just a guess.

Thanks a lot but could passably tell me where they got the multiply node at the bottom of the picture that multiplies between 2 values. I cant seam to find it. :confused:

OH never mind found it. Stupid mistake. :o