Lighting Issue In Final Render but Not Viewport Render?

I’m using the 2.8 Beta (dated 30/12/2018) I have an interior scene with several lights, and this is what it looks like when I do a viewport render (as in pressing “Z” and selecting “Rendered”):

So I was surprised and annoyed to find markedly different results when I did an actual render by pressing F12:

The moulding around the top now has some weird reflection, which is even visible in the ceiling panels above it. And you can also see all the loop cuts along each section of moulding as well, which just makes it look that much worse.

So not only am I not sure why it would look that much different in the final render versus the viewport render, but I have no idea what would even be causing that in the first place. Any insight into any aspect of this weird problem would be greatly appreciated, so if anyone has any ideas on how to debug this, please let me know. Thanks!

P.S. Ignore the weird floor texture. I literally just notice it, and probably just jacked up my UV mapping somehow.

Often difference between preview and final render consists in something hidden in the viewport. Look up if there are any lamps hidden in the viewport but not from render and lighting the top as well as if there is any copy of the mesh object of the top wooden part causing z-fighting.

I haven’t looked into that yet, but that is entirely possible. Thanks for the suggestion!

UPDATE: your suspicions were correct, I had a mesh (maybe two?) that were being shown on render but not in the viewport. Turned them off and sure enough, no more weird reflections:

Thanks for the help!