Lighting issue with Cycles Rendering


I am new to blender and I am having an issue I just can’t seem to figure out. I have looked at a lot of video tutorials on the new Cycles Rendering Engine. They helped a lot in fingering out how to setup the basic scene but not with this particular issue.

The seen is basically a neon sign. I have two elements that act as spot lights to light the area around the sign (a plane with a brick texture). When I render that it is fine with the intensity that I want. When I add the neon text (made up of emitter surface) the intensity of other lighting almost goes away like they were dimmed by 90%.

Even when I set the emittion level to 0. I like the effect, the emitting text has on the scene, but I do not know why it is effecting the other lighting in the scene when I render it.

Any help or tips you could give me would greatly be appreciated.


you might be able to use render layers and composite the two together, but wouldn’t you want the neon glowing on the bricks?

Thank you Davidnayias for your response. Yes, I would like the glow of the emitting text (neon effect) to show on the bricks. It would be nice if I could figure out why it is effecting the other lighting, but your suggestion is a good alternative. I would have to do a little more work and simulate the glow the neon on the wall in the render layer of the wall with the general lighting. It probably would not look as natural as it does with it rendered with the wall. At least I have an option that I did not think about. Thanks to you. I appreciate you help.