Lighting issue

Hi everyone, in the centre top part of my render I have a issue that I honestly don’t know what it is, originally I thought it might be a light that I might have placed in the interior but I actually have no lights apart from the sun and pro lighting skies.

I believe it might be light reflection from the floor, and I tried reducing the specular level as well as removing the ray visibility - glossy setting.

would anyone be able to help me figure this out?:confused::confused::confused:

final interior reduced.pdf (297 KB)


Personally - I think it’s a glossy reflection.

Look at the top of your hob extractor - it’s reflected quite sharply in the ceiling.

I think the blobby looking light patch on your ceiling is also a glossy reflection, maybe of the floor - but appears blobby because you have used denoiser (right?).

Try upping the roughness of your ceiling material see if that solves it. Alternatively - upload your blend so people can have a play.

High gloss finish on the ceiling capturing the reflections of the floor. As said above, the denoiser is making it look splotchy. In creasing roughness and/or decreasing the glossiness of the finish will tone this down. Also, the denoiser does need help from time to time, which translates into more samples to bring more pixels into variance and gives the denoiser smaller areas to deal with.