Lighting issues - Toothbrush and bristles

Hi there,

Well, I’ve been working on this nightmare toothbrush rendering job. I eventually figured out the best way to build the bristles, but now I’m having difficulty lighting this. Either I get the bristles right and the brush wrong or Visa Versa. Is there a way to have lights only affect part of the mesh and have other light effect other parts of the mesh? That would be the easiest way to solve the issue, so I can light the bristles and the handle separately and have them both work.

Blow is a picture showing pretty good bristles, but horrible toothbrush head.


Move the bristles to their own Layer (Press M and number of layer).
Add lights to each layer.
In the Lamp settings, click the Layer button.
This causes the selected lamp to only effect objects in the same layer.

Awesome!! That solved my issue!!! Thank you!!