Lighting issues?

I’ve built my scene, textured (I don’t have “use blenders materials” selected) and can play it and all is good. Just the lighting of scene, I want to lighten everything up, how do I do this? I know you can add a light/sun but it only works if “use blender materials” is selected, I don’t want to do it this way, any help?

In each of your texture images, use a paint program to lighten them, and re-save.

i’d only use lamps and make sure that you select light in the uv panel for each face. No shadows only fake any them with lightmaps search for lightmaps if your interested in that option.

Hmm, I was reading this am something along the lines of vertex painting, in uv face select mode and chosing it as light.

I saved a link, but I cant find it now. duh. It was an article regarding speed and GE. I use lights, without using the use blender materials checked.