Addon creates (so far):

Lighting presets:
3point spot & area. (need to be improved & more types added)

Test Scene Types:
Camera: Camera in empty scene
Materials: Complete scene, lights, objects (plane, monkey, cube), materials
Plane: Camera, lights & fake infinite plane
AO: AO complete scene, unfinished…
Cycles: Complete scene, diffuse materials.

Complete scene has:
Scene with Blue gradient world & ao
2 point lights
Camera (matching blender default camera)
Ground Plane
Cube, subdivide 2, bevel modifier, subsurf modifier, set smooth, material
Monkey, subsurf modifier, set smooth, material.

I had some real struggles with getting this working so far, there’s still work to be done & the code is very, very rough.

many to do’s still.
general code set up> defs for object/material creation.

feel free to make the scene nicer & post a .blend or code & I’ll add it in.
wecould make this really nice & useful as a test scene for rendering & materials tests at the press of a few buttons.

concept based on tutorial by kroni

enjoy :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great idea. Would you have a slot for HDRI lighting too?

Addon updated in first post
Improved lighting
Added better cube material ( car paint style ) with cloud texture
next better materials for suzanne

updated first post, several scene types now