Lighting problem - cut image

Why it hapen?

This is the material:

Is it anyone setup of Cycles Rendering?

If NRM.jpg is normalmap get rid of colorramp and put there Vector - Normalmap node instead.

This way?

Don’t work!

I don’t know how, but I think this is the solution!

Normalmaps are special kind of animals and therefore need a bit different approach. What they are - combination of vectors telling render engine how surface what they belong to would reflect light. And while it is NOT an image this information is coded by 3 base colors RGB and to be easily usable are packed in image pixels. By coincidence this vector representation does somehow look like image… Sounds confusing? To work correct while render normalmap needs to be tied to UV coordinate system like other images, which you correctly did in the last noodle soup. First one is off - there is no coords saying where each vector (RGB mixed pixel - well, let’s say XYZ values of it) belongs - Color Ramp is not the one telling this.
Next - output from NormalMap node usually go into Vector inputs of Material components - Diffuse and Glossy in this case. You did use it on Glossy only. (TBH Diffuse and normalmap WITHOUT Glossy component does not give satisfactory results on most of occasions.)

Not going into the rest (i can just guess what was OCC.jpg) - Material Output node’s Displacement input needs ever so slight values to quite drastically impact results - usually this is some 0.02 to 0.05 of grayscale values of some bump image. To attenuate values connected there usually it goes like:
Image -> ColorMix node with one Color input slightly gray->Displacement; to adjust bump use Color value.
or: Image -> Math Convertor Multiply one input is Image (yes, we can do this) another - just a variable to set around this 0.02
Sure this can be done in more ways using different math rules telling what to do with bump texture.
You did this using Color Mix and two textures mixed - again i can’t say anything, but if you feel it fine so be it ;).
Hope this rant helps for further explorations, sorry if a bit late - life, you know…