Lighting problem on downloaded model


I need for a personal project a scene with a church, so I found a free church interior

The problem is that, after opening the model in Blender, if I try to put any lights inside of church, the lights have no effect. No matter which type of light I choose, there is no light in render, whether I choose Cycles or EEVEE.

Would some of the more advanced users from you download the scene and see where is the problem?

If, for example, I go outside of church and put a cube, the lights have effect on cube, but on exterior or interior of the church there is no effect.

Please check the file from my google drive.

My specs are:

  • Windows 10
  • Hpz820 PC - 2 xeon total 12 cores
  • 96 gb ram
  • Blender 2.82

Many thanks


Go to sketchfab and press the 2 key several times until you see the emission map. As you can see all the textures are set to be used in light emission. So when you try to shine a light or cast a shadow on the object, it’s glowing light emission kills it. It’s like trying to cast a shadow on a flashlight while it’s on.
You need to edit the material to only use the textures for the base color. According to the description they baked some lighting into the texture itself so your custom lights in Blender might clash with the appearance of some lights and shadows that are baked into the textures.

Thank you THINSOLDIER. So, the solution is to reedit all the materials in Blender ? I found the Emission Map, but I can onl see it, I can not download it. Maye I do not have to, but I am a beginner, so I do not know what to do with the Emission map. Many thanks for your time :slight_smile:


All the textures should be included in the file you downloaded. Look at the materials in blender and see if a texture file is plugged into an emission shader or the emission slot on a principled shader.

Wow man, you are right. As I can see, it seems that on SHADING tab, there are 2 materials for each object, a normal material, wich is unplugged, but it is there, seee the image please, and an Emission material that is plugged. And it is this way for each object in the scene. Should I delete the Emision material? and let only the nomral material ON ? Thanks!

blenderror error|690x376

What kind of file was it that you downloaded? .blend? .gltf? .FBX?

If it was a .blend file then I suspect the artist had a complex material initially then “baked” the result of that material down to a single texture file which was then used with the emission shader. You don’t need to delete anything.

If you want your own lighting to affect the objects properly you’ll need to change all of the emission nodes to something else like diffuse of principled bsdf and use the same texture image with those.

Ok, thanks a lot. Your help is much apreciatted. Will try your sugestions. Have a great time