Lighting Problems

Greetings, I am trying to make different areas of a housing development glow so that they stand out. Have been trying to use spots and various other lamps but am not getting the desired effect. I thought the spot would do it, no joy though. Any ideas would be appreciated. Might have a problem with my spot as I do not seem to be able to get a bright directed glow, tried all settings. Cheers all.


I think you should look into Composite Nodes.
Some info might be found here:

And as well on this topics:
(I hope the last one helps at least a bit)

Fort Ash

You can use omnis, they emit light in all directions, set them to not cast shadow and have a small light range yet have a high value for the power of the lamp. Then add glow in the compositor.

Thanks to you both, the composite nodes look interesting. Cyborg when you speak of omnis are you do you mean Omnis studio? that is the only reference I can find to omnis.