Lighting question


i`ve been tinkering with blender for a while now, and theres 1 question i want to ask the great www:

i want to make “flourescent” lighting; i want to make a render of a long hallway with long rectangular lights on the sides in the floor; i have the blender 2.3 book and looked up all kinds of things about lighting online, but cant figure it out.
i want the hall to be gloomy; with the lights casting a halo on the walls.

tried creating a material that emits, but it wont cast that halo i need.
tried settting up lamps, but cant get that effect.

any tips?

you will need lamps with “halo” enabled. Make sure shadow rendering is on.

…ok! i`ll try.

My best bet for that gloomy look is to use radiosity. Afterwards if needed. add lamps again that effects only specular.