Lighting Questions

  1. Trying to light this properly. Currently using 1 light above figure but I want to create a “rim light” effect. I’d like to get it to look more dramatic like this How would I do this?

  2. I have a transparent .png image of two eyes and I want them to glow. I added them to a texture and selected “Alpha” and set the to “Screen” but the eyes don’t glow. How do I get a material to glow or look quite a lot brighter than the image underneath?

  3. Also I am using a spot light with “halo” enabled. How can I get the hard streaks to look smooth?

you could add more light with less energie in the front. just so, that he is dimmly lit. and i think you could set a hemi light in his back facing the camera. dont know for sure, but i think this will give him a nice contour.
then play around with the light settings and see if you get the desired result. you should also enable ambient occlusion to further enhance the render.

1min, will throw together a quick example. 2.49?


rimlight.blend (162 KB)

2 area lamps for rimlights (like the example given), 1 spotlamp for fill from camera direction, 1 hemi for ambient light, and AO to darken the necessary areas.

needs some tweaking, but it should get the point across.
of course, it’s not nearly as interesting…

you may need to adjust some distance values if you want to use it with your model.

Thanks to both. I will make some changes now. :slight_smile: