lighting, rain, and sparks

I have been putting some more work into my Intrigue project. I have some animation finished that I uploaded. Enjoy!

Comments are welcome. The goal is to make the movements and the visuals realistic.

Nice job! Looks really good. Wires seem to fall straight down though. I would have thought they would fly through the air more, in a more random fashion.


I have never actually seen a telephone pole fall over with the wires falling down. I know the notion is that an electrified line will whip around like a fire hose, but I have never see one do that. It is usually just spitting sparks on the ground.

I my video, they snap much like a stressed rope, they whip apart and then fall. Do you have some reference video that I could look at?

well, two things, one, a large flash of light when the lgighting strikes… lighting can blind you! a big blue tiunged, almost white halo spot light aimed rtight at the camera ought to do thae trick!

also, PLEA-ZZZZZZz motion blur it…

just do a test, and i promise it will look so much better!

turn off osa and set motion blur to 5

definatly worth it

I should have bee clearer. I am not saying that they need to whip around. It is just that the wires seem to fall at the same rate, at the same force, and land in the same relative place, (i.e mirror image). It just needs some randomness to make it more realistic.


hummm… I see your point. However, try this experiment to see where I am getting my physics from.

Tie a pice of string to two things so that you have a lenght stretched across something but not touching the ground. Take a pair of sizzors pull on the string (in the center of the string) untile it is taught and then cut it. The two pices of string will fall at about the same rate and land in about the same place. Now imagine that these pices of string are much heavier and will fall faster. They should fall even closer to the same place.

As for the same amount of force, they are on the same planet :smiley:

I have increase the intensity of the light flash using a halo spot light pointed at the camera. It looks better now.

However, I did try the motion blur. What I found is that the difference was not really notacable and the rendering time was increased. The quality of the rain was reduced (there where strange black/grey streaks after and sometimes before the rain drops) and everything else was about the same as it was before.

yer rain is great! and the wires falling is pretty cool, great stuff

Rain is really good, and pole is falling nicely.

Electric wires creating sparks is a popular misbelief (IMHO) you’ll get an electric arc (like a lightning) between the two ends at the beginning, nothing more untill you hit the ground, then sparks on the ground… OLY FROM ONE WIRE!!! the one connected to the power plant! The other side is dead now :wink:

I’m sorry to say, but lightning is not at the level of beauty you have accustomed us, it is too blocky, with few straigth segments, not enougth fractal.

And, yes, again, from the EE point of view :wink:

Lightnings hits the highest possible… A lightning strikes the top of a pole, not the basis.



I was too critical


interesting, the textures could use work, but very good.