Lighting Rig Help


I’ve just appened a preset lighting rig into my scene, but blender puts the lighting rig into a new scene. How do I combine the new scene into my original scene?

I would suggest storing assets like this in common files, which you then link (rather than append) into your production files. However, if you did find that your rig is now in “a new scene” (not altogether a bad thing, actually…) you can still, within the same file, “link to” it from another scene. “Scenes” are simply a level of object-grouping that’s just-above the root of the object tree. You can have indirect-references (links…) going all-over, both between files and within them.

Select everything in the second scene, use Ctrl+L, select the original scene. Then delete the unwanted scene.
This is also accessible from the menu, (Object / Make Links / to Scene)