Lighting setup and materials for ceramic plate with olive oil

Hi community,

I’m looking for helpful material for achieving a render similar to the attached image in 2.8.

I have tried using a hdr image to light a scene and have tried using a yellow glass material for the olive oil but the result in eevee looks too metallic and in cycles it looks too grainy.

What tweaks should be done to the glass material so that it looks more like olive oil or Is there a better material to use than glass? How can I get the white speculars from the window lights to show up on the olive oil? What adjustments can I make to the lighting setup to get soft shadows on the opposite side of the light?

My scene’s scale is similar to what a real world would be.

Thanks for the help.

olive oil.blend (637.6 KB)

for ceramic the IOR is around 1.52 and oil IOR is about 1.47-1.48 IIRC.

your oil looks flat,you need mesh volume for the oil.maybe solidify modifier and bevel could help to give your flat mesh a volume.
and maybe a absorption shader with oil color could help too.notice the reflection color is white,the absorption/material is what give it its color.

and most important for such scenes is the lighting(light angle),to bring the reflections to you like.


you are right,the metaballs,that he is using are intersecting.

however,here a oil material that maybe help.

Hi, your problem isn’t the IOR(although you can google that one precisely).
your probem is the shape of the fluid, and that it probably intersects with the surface. Then you can go with a surface where you set roughness of the material very close to 0