Lighting / Smooth Shading Issue

I have a strange issue that I’ve not come across before using cycles.

I’m working on a model of JJ Abrams’s Enterprise, but along the rim of the dish I can’t seem to get rid of that lighting effect where it looks like I’m not using smooth shading, which I am.

I have attempted using an edge split with a set angle, I’ve also tried manually marking the sharp edges, no joy there either.

The only way I could get it to diminish was by increase the size of the sun, which, ruins all the shadows.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also any critiques would be welcome, though I know its not the right forum category for that.

It’s a termination issue due to not having enough polygons. Pathtracers cannot handle smoothed meshed with low poly counts. You can read more about it here…pdf

You’ll need to physically add more polygons to get rid of the effect, or just use a subsurf modifier.

Fantastic, thankyou. Now i’ve read about it, it makes perfect sense.