lighting test/new opening scene

just a lighting test… It’s also now set to my user defaults so apon opening, blender render’s this if you press render.

how does it look? anything you think I should improve apon?

btw, it’s 1 lamp, 2 areas, and a hemi

Nice. What kind of mood are you hoping to create? Have you tried experimenting with other render engines?

yes, I’ve tried yafray and indigo but I’m really doing this mainly to have a cool something to show streight from blender.

mood: I wasn’t really trying for anything… maybe I should. thanks for you comment btw.

Really? I was certain you were going for that ‘somber monkey at dusk’ mood. :slight_smile:

haha… no really, I was trying for the ‘somber monkey programmer looking at a computer screen, comtemplating if he should replace his blue-only monitor’

glad you thaught it looked ok… I really haven’t worked with complex lighting before… does the bright back-light look good?

So how do you set a new default scene?
Now that I am a little better at blender, I am always creating new view ports on start up, I would love to have that just “there” so I don’t have to do it every time.

i think it’s ctr-u…
it’s also file>>set user defaults.