Lighting test


Starting to work with blender.

Any comments are welcome!



Looks great. Are you using SSS on the lamp shade? The only thing I notice is that the drawer handle doesn’t look too metallic. Maybe that wasn’t intended, but I think it would need to be a bit more shiny.


No SSS here.

Lampshade has translucency .4 to let light shine though from the inside.

Really nice job, I must say.

Some remarks though.

  • Under the closet the shadow should be stronger. Now there is hardly any difference between the darkness of the floor in general and the part under the closet. The same for the first “floor” of the closet (sorry, I cannot recollect the correct English word now)
  • The transition between the walls and the floor seem to sharp. Looking at your picture, I would expect the floor to cast reflection light onto the walls, making the corners more smooth than they are now. Compare the corner of the two walls: nice transition. Use a spot light which casts light from bottom to top onto the walls, but be careful, it should be subtle.

Hope it helps.

Ok I see what you are saying!