Lighting/texture problems.


I’ve come across a couple of problems working on a vehicle, hoping you guys can help me out.

I’ve made the door a separate object to the main body so that a player may open/close them. Perhaps there’s a better way to go about it?

My first issue is that the lighting/shadows don’t match up as shown in the picture below. As far as I can tell, all vertices between the two objects match up perfectly.

My second issue is that when viewed in textured mode (and in Unity), certain faces are “blank”, shown below. Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

In edit mode - select all mesh and Ctrl-n recalculate normals. If there still are some shading problems check if you have some internal faces left ( it shouldn’t form anything T shaped inside object’s volume; hope i explain it correct ).

On N (Properties) panel in Edit mode look for Mesh Display- Normals (small Cube icon). Blue lines represent face normals which always should point out of the mesh (except if you want to see inside of some Object; then you need to flip them).

You may have normals pointing in the wrong direction. You can use the recalculate normals button or the flip normals button (on the mesh tools panel in edit mode) to fix it. Select the door and try recalculate normals. With the ‘blank’ faces, just select the faces and use flip normals. To actually see what you are doing, in the n-panel, turn on Face Normals (choice is vertex or face normals) in the mesh display panel and increase the size to .5 to 1.0. Those thin blue lines are the normals. They control which side of the face is ‘outside’ and gets painted or textured.