Lighting/Texturing Study


Here´s a little project I´m excited about. Couple week ago I saw video with Khyzyl Saleem that got me super motivated to try out more studio lighting, to push further with textures. These images here are three days worth of work where I didn´t follow any tutorials. I took an axisting models, courtesy of WireWheelClub, and started playing with various lights. Later I added an HDRI and as a final stage I tried a touch heavier colour grading. These are just beginnings, but I´m really happy so I wanted share.

First attempt was to create a studio like setting to highlight vehicles details. I also attempted to give the body colour paint a bit of pearlescence, but it didn´t quite come across. Very slight post process.

Next I tried different model, mixing in HDRI light but still keeping mainly within the studio dropdown setup

With this first render I realised that the tyre texture is too bumpy and the body colour is too blunt

I tried to capture the uneven bumpiness of a hand bashed bodywork of an older racecar but it came out really odd. The tyre and wheel texture on the other hand I liked.

Then I sort of abandoned the studio dropdown setting while still keeping the ground texture. For the car body I tried firstly voronoi driven displacement, but it was too much. So I edited the textures and drive them through bump instead (the red car).

This already looked really good to me, but I kept toying around with camera angles, HDRI´s and came across this

Which I immediately put through photoshop to achieve this

I was going for an old school vibe how could I´ve taken photos of this car back in the day if it were displayed somewhere publicly.

The last render is still the same scene setting as those renders before, same colour grading technique. It just somehow came out…different, more studio like and I love that.
Thank you so much for reading through!

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