Lighting Tips From The Masters

After my previous post on setting up a three layer SSS shader, a few people asked for tips on how to light their characters to best show them off. As it happens, this something I’m rather interested in, and I’ve had a blog post on the subject brewing for a while, so I’ve finally found the motivation to finally write it up. --> LInk

This tutorial covers three point lighting and discusses how it can be a hugely versatile tool for lighting characters and scenes, with examples from traditional art and cinema applied to blender. The tutorial was done with blender 2.5, but applies to basically any lighting situation.

Thanks for proving the tips…

Nice, but why is the link almost hidden? It took me about 2 minutes to find it.

Thanks for the tutorial.

Yes, thanks for the tutorial. I’ve done lots of modeling in Blender and was struggling with the lighting. Most recent problem I’ve discovered is that all the centers of my lights (lamps and spots) have turned blue! I don’t know why or how to change them back to having black centers like before. I must have accidently pressed a wrong key… Seems to have made no difference to the renders though.