how exactly do i setup lighting and position it? i wanna make a realistic sun for a model render. can anyone give me a quick run through of all the controls and such?

It´s simple,if you want a sun lamp,just simply select the Lamp go to the Material , Lamp tab and change to Sun,then will appear an line,this is the direction of the sun,all light rays are pararel relative to the line.

Did you understand?

ya i understand.

also is there a way to move the view around the model instead of the focus point?

well what u said isnt really wat im looking for. somehow i got the sun to do this for lighting(see picture) and cant remember how i did it.
(who ever plays halo2 will know what this is.)

No (since it is neither quick nor simple…). If you want to read about the controls of Blender’s lighting system, look here:

And there is no recipe for good lighting setups. Standard three-point setups can work out very well most times but so do even simpler setups, especially when you work with GI. If you want to have it really simple, Indigo might be worth a look.
But still, you have to understand the principles of lighting rather than the controls only to make a good setup. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get what you’re looking for after the first try…

Oh, and doing a little search before asking the next time might be a cool idea :wink:
Hope this helps you a little…

My post-count here is so tiny because of that damn search function. :smiley: