Lightmapping (3dmax to Blender)

I need to generate the lightmaps in 3dmax, with the tool “render to texture”…for the blender game engine… somebody can help me with this process?

recomendations about the pipeline, formats, resolution, etc.

All post are welcome!


hmmmmm… Does this mean that you want to bake the shadows to the textures? If so, there is a great script for this bay macouno.

You can get it here:


Thnx Mr BgDM… but this plugin are too slow…and present serious problems with the light in the corners… I need export the UV coordinates from 3dmax…without compatibility problems may be export to .obj or collada files
someone… try this?

Blender recognize the uv mapping from max but dont show nothing in the textured view, uv mapping window or game engine…

what can I do?