lightmapping/baking textures

i wanted to save time on my renders, and have seen other progs use lightmapping, (which would take care of my lighting and shadows). how can i bake textures/lightmapping on blender?

With this?
I don’t think it bakes raytracing only.

In the UV-window -> UVs there’s a script called Texture Baker. It bakes procedurals into an image using your set uv-coordinates.

hi…i using new version of blender…Have radiosity vithout clean uv mapping

i’m working on a high-poly plane, and I put a camoflage-like texture on it. I like the render, but I don’t know how to bake the texture on it. the plane has literally thousands of faces, so selecting each face with UV mapping is much more trouble than your typical cube, let alone unwrapping the behemoth. Any suggestions?